Post.01 - National Trails Day


national trails day

06.01.19 - Did you know that you can hike parts of the ~2,200 mile Appalachian Trail throughout New York State? Well, you can - I’ve highlighted a trip along the trail that we hiked this spring.

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National Trails Day 2019 was special for a number of reasons. It marked the first official hike under the Asilia Collective name. The collective, formed in 2015, is a group of diverse women created to empower them to utilize space not usually occupied by us. Across the nation, National Trails Day is celebrated in a myriad ways, you can hit the trails by hiking, biking or volunteering to maintain the sacred lands. Walks around your neighborhood or a trip to a local blue-way are other ways to celebrate. 

We celebrated this momentous time by hiking part of the Appalachian Trail in the New York State portion. We headed up to the historic Pawling Nature Reserve in Dutchess County, New York about 2 hours outside the city. We hiked 4 miles through the Pawling Reserve. As a conservation area, the Pawling Reserve maintains several habitats, including forests, open fields, fern glens, and wet meadows. It's also home to a variety of bird and animal species - including deer, amphibians, and wild turkeys. 


It was a perfect spring day that called for layers in the morning and short sleeves by noon. The group was anxious to get outside and shared enthusiasm to hike part of the world renowned Appalachian Trail. 

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National Trails Day falls on the first Saturday of June each year, look out for opportunities in your area. 

Here are ways to take the journey with your crew:

Interested in hiking the Pawling Reserve? It’s a nice day-trip option for those seeking solitude from city life or a beginner hike for those looking to experience the healing power of nature.

Did I mention it’s public transit accessible?

Metro North: Take a northbound train from Grand Central or Harlem station to Appalachian Trail station (transfer trains at Southeast station). Train time: 1 hour, 45 mins

Driving from the city to the Metro North Appalachian Trail station is also an option. Drive time, 1 hour, 30 mins

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